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🎶Pumapatak nanaman ang ulan sa bubong ng bahay🎶

Monsoon Rains is emblematic of the naturalistic core often found in some of Joya’s abstract works. Joya undoubtedly pioneered the field of Filipino abstraction through a novel practice that transcended foreign influences. What makes Joya’s truly Filipino are the inspirations behind them. From verdant paddies to golden fields, Joya would take the natural beauty of the Philippines’ landscapes as his muse. In the same vein, Monsoon Rains depicts the seasonal downpour that is inherent to life in the Philippines. Its shifting shades of blue can be seen as the varying degrees of rain we’ve become accustomed to; from light drizzles to heavy tropical showers. While Joya’s various elements and strokes are the drops of rainwater themselves.
This piece is part of the Kingly Treasures 2021! Come join us on December 4, 2021 at 2:00 PM (GMT+8)

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