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Set the right tone for your surroundings with seating that not only enhances but also elevates, so says Augusto MR Gonzalez III, heritage expert and collector of all things fine and beautiful. This handsome suite of kamagong furniture from an important family from Quezon province…

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Plunge into a hundred years of Fernando Amorsolo beginning with a pair of centennial landscapes which mark their 100th year this 2022 — and marvel at the pinnacle of his artistry, a magnificent Under the Mango Tree from the same sought-after period as the record-breaking…

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The sky’s the limit ☁️☁️☁️

In Abot Tanaw, Borlongan depicts two devotees of the Black Nazarene dressed in the traditional maroon-colored shirt attributed to the devotion and standing atop the branches of a tree. They are seemingly gazing towards the direction of the Traslación. In the Filipino sociological context, the…

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